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       WELCOME TO ELITE PROCESS SERVING & JUDGMENT SERVICES, LLC                                                        612-886-6408
                                    PO BOX 92
                           CHAMPLIN, MN 55516

   One call to Elite Process Serving & Judgment Services
gets your papers served anywhere in the United States or overseas.

   ELITE PROCESS SERVING & JUDGMENT SERVICES, LLC will make periodic calls to keep you posted on the progress of your order and a confirmation call to you within 24 hours of when the serve was completed. We expeditiously prepare and send to you affidavits of service after the service is completed.

  Our national and international service of process and proof of service is coordinated by ELITE PROCESS SERVING & JUDGMENT SERVICES through its pre-screened and qualified network of process servers around the world. 

From the moment we receive your request, ELITE PROCESS SERVING & JUDGMENT SERVICES LLC will serve your papers quickly and correctly. Same day service is available upon request. Incoming orders are handled by our in-office staff. Customer service is familiar with process serving rules in each state.

Each summons and complaint or subpoena is served by experienced and insured process servers whether across the nation or countries abroad